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Security Intelligence and Law Enforcement

The evolution and intermingling of law enforcement and intelligence have served to blur distinctions between law and security policy that, in statutory principle and in administrative practice, have been kept separate and distinct. While there is little question that the lines currently dividing law enforcement and security issues are blurred, effective national security policy requires participants versed in the tenets of each, who also possess the independent discernment to recognize and evaluate their salient characteristics and to navigate the negotiable channels without running aground on the multiple rocks and shoals.

Sullivan Cove presents an eclectic amalgam of significant talent and expertise across the engineering, intelligence, legal, managerial and technical fields. Our proactive staffing approach is centered on strong communities of practice where CI, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, COMINT and MASINT experts are functionally recruited, managed, and assigned to project teams to meet the demands of our government contracts.

Our mission-oriented analytical and strategic consulting solutions provide our clients with timely, actionable information and innovative tools and techniques — mission solutions at mission speed. For sensitive military and national intelligence missions, we provide the technical and functional expertise needed to improve information gathering and analysis across geographies and organizations. For law enforcement and homeland security communities, we provide systems, solutions and services critical to ensuring a safer nation.

Our holistic approach to mission enables the delivery of timely, predictive intelligence by the national and defense intelligence communities. Our experience includes providing IT and cyber solutions as well as intelligence analysis services to national intelligence and military intelligence clients.