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Past and/or Current Government Contracts

Sullivan Cove has a vast history of performance of Government contracts. The contracts described below illustrate the breadth and depth of our experience and applied skills in the provision of exceptional and specialized services to our Government customers.

As prime contractor or as managing member of related joint ventures, Sullivan Cove is performing, or has performed, professional services for numerous Federal departments and agencies including, but not limited to the following:

The Office of Inspector General of the Federal Communications Commission – Litigation support services prime contract advising a multi-agency task force including the FCC Inspector General, the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspector in both civil and criminal matters. Our more than 26 full time employees, including a former FBI Special Agent and a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, assisted in the investigation, documentation and bringing to trial the perpetrators of a massive nationwide fraud scheme resulting in 100% convictions. Other members of this team drafted the agency Report to Congress. All “Excellent” ratings in evaluation.

Department of Education – Federal Student Aid – Provided up to 14 full-time attorneys to process student loan forgiveness applications filed by students who believed that they were defrauded by their college, university, or career school and who had petitioned the Government for full or partial student loan forgiveness. Averaging 250 adjudications of Borrower Defense applications per day, we managed to maintain both high adjudication rates and low error rates contemporaneously. Additionally, we provided attorney services in Governmental procurement law and procedure, and legal advice to Senior Acquisition Advisors in support of Contracting Officers soliciting and administering procurements.

Department of Treasury – Omnibus services contract and subcontract providing services in connection with documentation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – Professional services – Provided over eight years of legal services including 17 attorneys and 3 paralegals to the FDIC supporting sophisticated, multi-state efforts by the FDIC to recover assets from failed financial institutions.

Department of Agriculture – Represented the Department of Agriculture in a highly successful settlement of a claim against an errors and omissions insurance carrier for design errors by an architectural firm that designed a Miami agricultural entry center for plants being imported from South America and the Caribbean.

Department of Homeland Security – Real Estate services for National Bio and Agro Defense Facility – Acquisition counsel for the 574,000 square foot $1.25 billion National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) under construction in Manhattan, Kansas. Our representation included real property and legal services involving analysis of real property for its proposed use, resolution of title, survey, environmental, occupancy, easement and sewer issues. Planned future uses of the real property were analyzed to ensure compliance with legal standards and implementation of actions to assure compliance.

Department of Veterans Affairs – Office of Asset Enterprise Management and OSDBU – Provided professional services in connect with an Enhanced Use Lease project at the VA Medical facility in Martinsburg, WV. Provided administrative services under a subcontract for the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization of the VA.

U.S. Trade & Development Agency – Port Security Technical Assistance for Latvia – Served as prime contractor for a nine member team that performed a Technical Assistance project for the Maritime Administration of Latvia (MAL), a member of NATO. Operating CONUS and OCONUS, the team surveyed, analyzed, and evaluated all security aspects of Latvia’s seaports, reporting to the Latvia Ministry of Defense as well as to the Military Attaché to the U.S. Ambassador, the NATO command and the European Commission. Performance evaluated as “Excellent,” USTDA’s highest evaluative designation.

General Services Administration, Real Property Solutions – 2020 Real Property Solutions Blanket Purchase Agreement contract awarded under GSA Schedule. Team includes CBRichard Ellis, Booz Allen & Hamilton and AECOM for real property services, support and solutions for GSA’s implementation of the disposal of, or alternative use plan for, all excess Government properties.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Patent application services.

U.S. Postal Service – Awarded contract for the REDRESS Mediator Program for the provision of mediation services.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Provided mediation services to the U.S. EEOC for cases filed with the EEOC alleging various violations of the various statutes within the EEOC jurisdiction.

Department of Veteran Affairs – Provide attorneys to the VA pursuant to a five-year contract to provide ad hoc attorney and paralegal support services to the VA Maryland Medical System. This is the third contract awarded to Sullivan Cove by the VA. Sullivan Cove files and litigates guardianship cases in the State of Maryland on behalf of veterans when they lack capacity to speak on their own behalf. These services span the full spectrum of litigation services.

In the state arena, we have represented the Maryland Public Service Commission in the drafting the Maryland Regulations for Offshore Wind Projects and in the licensing of two offshore wind projects. We have had a subcontract under the New Jersey Transit Authority for its NJ TransitGrid project. We are currently performing two subcontracts for the New York Power Authority.